Kamis, 17 Januari 2013

Advantages Of A Blog

Almost everything that has advantages have disadvantages but when the advantages of a particular thing out weighs the disadvantages then it becomes insignificant, this is why I will not be discussing the disadvantages of a blog, because honestly I feel there is none. Well, except that the regular fresh content a blog requires can always make you feel on edge.
The advantages of a blog cannot be over-emphasized. The biggest advantage I see is that blogs give people, everyone alike, rich or poor an equal chance to be on the online world and write freely about their opinions, feelings and thoughts on different topics and subjects and actually have people worldwide
read them!

Considering myself as an example. I love expressing myself, and writing gives me the opportunity to do that effectively. I have always wanted a medium where I could put my written contents and have a lot of people read it, so I wrote some articles on MLM and had it published in a local newspaper (Financial Standard Newspaper) in Nigeria. But you will agree with me that, that is limited. With a website I could address the world. But since I do not have a website design skill, it met I had to pay for the service and that presently could cost me N25, 000 or more ($170 or more) Wow! That’s some money. You could imagine how I felt when I realized I could achieve my dream using a blog without spending a dime!

 Blogs are easy and inexpensive to set-up

To set up a blog can take as little as 10 minutes and it involves just three simple steps (choose your blogging software, register your account and start blogging).After creating your blog, all you are required to do is to provide as many fresh contents as you can on a regularly basis . You don’t have to spend a dime creating your blog because there are free versions available, but for a profitable blog, it is advised you use hosted Wordpress. A tutorial will be given in the nearest future on this blog on how to create hosted Wordpress blog. Hosted wordpress blog is server based and requires you get a domain name ($10 max.) and hosting service (could get for less than $10). You could get Alvin Phang’s book, Atomic Blogging 3.0, it contains all you need to know about setting up a professional and profitable hosted Wordpress blog.Visit my blog for more on Atomic Blogging 3.0

Blogs are Search Engine Friendly

This advantage of a blog is one of reasons I love blogs. Your posts and pages are automatically linked by
blogs and that enables search engines spiders to find, crawl and index the blog. With relevant keywords in your blog Title, Meta tags, and the URL pages you could have your pages ranking higher in search engines. Meaning that when anyone type in your keywords into search engines, your page could be among the first few displayed list and that my friend, could relate to lots of free traffic to your blog!

Blogs attract more traffic for it fresh contents

Readers are attracted to blogs because of it fresh regular contents and if as a blogger you are passionate
about what you write about, and committed to providing fresh regular contents on it, thousands who are also passionate about that topic will on a regular basis visit your blog and if you keep updating it regularly with new contents, you will keep them coming.

Blogs creates room for online community

The in –built comment feed on blogs, enable readers to share their opinions about your pages and also start
discussions on different topics.
When you have commentators who provide good information, suggestions and advice, you could create unique relevant content from it and most importantly keep your traffic as they will keep coming to get updates on different topics.

Blogs have built-in RSS Feed

RSS which means Really Simple Syndication syndicate recent posts and deliver them to various blog search
engines and when your readers subscribe to your RSS Feed it automatically delivers your recent posts to their inbox.

Some advantages of a blog from an organizational perspective are as follows:

Blogs enable companies to keep their customers informed on a regular basis. They could post news about new products, policies and opportunities available and have it in front of their customers in a matter of minutes instead of having to send newsletter weekly or monthly.
That helps organizations to develop stronger relationships with their customers and build trust since they can
easily interact with them and get feedbacks.
Companies could drive traffic from their blog to their websites. Blogging also showcase the organization as professionals in what they do and they could build brand loyalty.

There are definitely other advantages of a blog, but these are the main ones I came up with. Now should you build a website or create a blog? To help you make the decision visit my blog again and read my next post, Static website vs. Blog. I will discuss more specifically the advantages of a blog over Static website.